"Il y a beaucoup à dire à propos du savon. Exactement tout ce qu'il raconte de lui-même jusqu'à la disparition complète, épuisement du sujet. Voilà l'objet même qui me convient. * Le savon a beaucoup à dire. Qu'il le dise avec volubilité, enthousiasme. Quand il a fini de le dire, il n'existe plus."

( Francis Ponge 1967 Le Savon).

jeudi, août 15, 2013


The  Soap Challenge Club  is a private club where soapmakers around the world join together for a soap challenge once a month . Created by Amy Warden (soapmaker at  Great Cakes Soapworks ) , you can find more informations on her blog  here .
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Le soap challenge Club est un club privé de savonniers à l'international qui se rassemblent une fois par mois pour partager autour d'une technique. Créé par Amy Warden, vous trouverez plus d'informations sur son blog  ici  .Pour recevoir l'information sur de nouveaux soap challenge, inscrivez vous par ici 

The Holly Swirl  is the study , this month.
The Holly Swirl is a swirl in a swirl from Holly ,soapmaker at Missouri River Soap .
The tutorial for this technique is : here  for the making and here for the cutting

Le Holly Swirl est à l'étude ce mois ci.
il s'agit d'un swirl dans un swirl , conçu par Holly , savonnière à Missouri River Soap.
realiser un swirl dans le pot; puis ensuite un swirl dans le moule avec une autre pate colorée.
les possibilités sont infinies puisqu'on peut marier plusieurs couleurs dans un swirl.

Le tuto se trouve sur la chaine you tube d'Holly : ici pour la réalisation et ici pour la coupe.

*** Here is my  Holly Swirl    
Voici mon Holly Swirl :  


colors for this soap inspired from a mix of absolute  Mimosa ( acacia decurrens ), Cassie  ( acacia farnesia), Violette ( viola odorata) with Violette fragrance , CO2 extract of iris and absolute of styrax benzoin.
A soap with 4 colours :
purple for the base, yellow and white for the in the pot swirl, green for the top layer.
des couleurs inspirées d'une synergie parfumante à partir d'absolue de mimosa, cassie, violette , fragrance violette, iris et benjoin.
un savon à 4 couleurs : violet pour la base, jaune et  blanc pour le 1er swirl dans le pot , et vert pour la dernière couche
*** Le making of :

*** More informations on colorants :
Colorants  are ayurvedic plants powders from CAMPO  .
There is various resellers  around the world ( check here if you are interested  ).
Purple is in fact ultrasky blue that turn purple in cold process soap after 24h . During the curing and by the time, this purple do not fade.
INCI name for UltraSkyBlue :
                              neem flowers amino acids ( melia  azadirachta flower& leaf extract)
                              maruthanni ( lawsonia inermis leaf  Henna extract )
                              brinjal ( solanum melongena leaf extract ) ( aubergine )
                              thulasi ( ocimum sanctum  basilicum  ( basil ) leaf extract  )
                              kasturi manjal ( curcuma longa ( turmeric) leaf extract)
                              poudre de perle
                              coccinia indica fruit  ( fruit extract)
                             a natural product equivalent to CI 42090 and similar to basic food blue 2 or 1

yellow  do not change in color during the process.
INCI name : neem flowers amino acids ( melia  azadirachta leaf & flower extract)
                                            maruthanni ( lawsonia inermis leaf  Henna extract )
                                            thulasi ( ocimum sanctum  basilicum  ( basil ) leaf extract  )
                                            kasturi manjal ( curcuma longa ( turmeric) leaf extract)
                 a natural product equivalent to food yellow 3

Green turn a brown red color during the process and dark green after 24 h.The color do not fade by the time.
CTFA Name :  Campo Siddha Ellam Pazchai
INCI name : neem flowers amino acids ( melia  azadirachta leaf extract)
                                            amber ( succinum maris L)
                                            kovai  ( coccinia indica leaf extract )
                                            brinjal ( solanum melongena leaf extract ) ( aubergine )
                                            maruthanni ( lawsonia inermis leaf  Henna extract 
                                            thulasi ( ocimum sanctum  basilicum  ( basil ) leaf extract  )
                                            kasturi manjal ( curcuma longa ( turmeric) leaf extract)
                                            pearl powder ( margarita powder )
               CI 42053 a natural product equivalent to food green 3

white is encapsulated colorant Coloursphere  ( Creation couleurs ) from the innovation company

*** Informations on the  mold :

For the Holly Swirl , I have used  a tall and narrow mold from SAPONINE .

CACAO CUT ( the one I have  ), can contains 1040 ml of soap, and come with a cutter  included.
TONKA CUT (a smaller version ) , can contains  520 ml of soap with a cutter included.
For a bigger size  ?   KARITE can contains 7623 ml of soap and deliver 3 log of soap without the used of a log splitter.
***  Sponsor and Prices for this month Soap Challenge Club :The challenge ends up with a vote between the  members.
The price for this month is  a signed copy of SOAPCRAFTING  , a new book by Anne Marie from Brambleberry ( releases August 13th ) and a kit to make one of the soaps from the book ( ingrédients and mold included ).

Le challenge se termine par un vote entre les participants. Le prix à gagner ce mois ci est une copie signée du livre d'Anne Marie ( Brambleberry ) et un kit pour réaliser un savon du livre ( ingrédients et moule).

Soapcrafting : comporte 31 recettes de savons par procédé à froid, et les pas à pas pour les réaliser .
Pour voir un extrait des photos du livre : c'est par ici
Le livre est en vente ici
Here is the link up , a showcase of all the soaps created by the SCC members

( voici la réalisation de tous les participants )  : ici

Les winners   du mois : 

Melinda from MelindasNaturals

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

33 commentaires:

  1. Superbe, Swanee, comme toujours!

  2. On voit que tu prends réellement plaisir à composer tes savons et en plus ils sont beaux.

    Les couleurs sont sublimes, bravo Swanee !___ :) ___ME

  3. That is absolutely stunning! I love it :)

  4. Beautifyl soap,Swanee! Your colours are wonderful,except white not beeing quite white (or am I not seeing it on my screen), but nonetheless,this soap is perfect.
    Thanks for the info on suppliers!

    1. thanks Maja.
      In fact the white soap is finaly a creamy color on the soap. the contrast with the yellow part is not strong at all.
      It would be better to use titanium dioxyde for a strong white yellow contrast.
      On the soap, I can see some part with the creamy color and other part with intense yellow.

  5. Gorgeous! Decadent! I love it :)

  6. Gorgeous! Decadent! I love it:)

  7. Ooh, La, La is right!! I love your exotic colors! :)

    1. thanks Amy.
      I had so much fun doing this swirl. I will do it again, singing Holly Holly Holly ;-)

  8. Very nice! Your purple is great.

  9. Beautiful swirls and you nailed the technique.

  10. Your colors are gorgeous! Somehow i am reminded of Thailand because of the richness of your purple and gold, and the black adds some mystery to it! Your ayurvedic colorants are all new to me. Thanks for sharing all that info!

    1. thanks Soapjam.
      It's not black but a deep green.
      For the colorants, depending where you are located, you can ask for samples.
      But disapointment is on while working with them.
      You have to wait 24hours to see the colors revealed.

  11. Woaw ! It looks amazing, well done Swanee! :) I would be interested in purchasing some colourant from Creations Colours. Would it be possible to do so if I drop them an email?


    1. thanks Djanaelle.
      The innovation company have various type of colorants Creation Couleurs. you can ask them for samples depending where you are located : Check here

  12. Beautiful soap! Love the colours and the swirl - contrasting and rich.

  13. Very beautiful soap as always! Love those colors and your swirls! Is it easy to unmold the soap from that mold? I'm interested in a mold like that.

    1. thanks Candy.
      Yes it is easy to unmold the soap from these mold. It is a no lining mold in Altuglass, that bear well for soapmaking with no interaction with the cold process soap. Studies have shown no change of the mold structure using the mold one year with pure lye. No interaction with the food ingredient that stay one year in the mold as oil, juice, water. It is food grade mold. So it can be used for soapmaking and making raw cake.

      the company Saponine is based in France, in a west indies island I love : Guadeloupe ( french department).

      you can contact them from their website. There are several products on their website but they also can design for you a mold, according to your requirements.

    2. Thank you so much for the information!:)

  14. Gorgeous soap! The colours are so rich - I love the fact that they are from ayurvedic plant powders. x

  15. Gorgeous soap - the colours are so rich! I love the fact that they are from ayurvedic plant powders x

  16. Such gorgeous and colorful soaps! =)